Vue Frontend Setup

To start using this design system you will need to to install some dependencies or copy some files to your project.

Steps to install

  1. Navigate to your Vue Paper Dashboard project folder: cd your-vue-paper-dashbord-project
  2. Install project dependencies: npm install
  3. Create a new .env file: cp .env.example .env
  4. VUE_APP_BASE_URL should contain the URL of your Vue Paper Dashboard Project (eg. http://localhost:8080/)
  5. VUE_APP_API_BASE_URL should contain the URL of your Laravel JSON:API Project. (eg. http://localhost:3000/api/v1)
  6. Run npm run dev to start the application in a local development environment or npm run build to build release distributables.

Important notes/gotchas

  • For MAC Users, please make sure you have enabled view hidden files We've encountered some cases when developers copied over the dashboard files but because of hidden files, important files such as .babelrc or .eslintrc.json were not copied. Please make sure you copy all files in order to avoid unwanted issues.